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Peraia – Thessaloniki

Peraia – Thessaloniki

Perea is a place with a variety of stores like supermarkets, Cafes, taverns with traditional music in the evening, delicious bakeries, pastry shops and of course beach bars.

As expected fresh fish is easy to be found that’s why there are plenty of fish taverns all over the place that even people from Thessaloniki visit every weekend.

Perea is very famous for its long beach, nightlife and the wonderful view of the city of Thessaloniki you can enjoy through your walk on the sidewalk.

There are two ways to visit the center of Thessaloniki, one is the boat that takes you there in 35 minutes and cost 3e per person and second is the local transportation with transit from IKEA and COSMOS mall.

The right location of Perea makes it easy either to visit Thessaloniki or Chalkidiki.

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